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How to improve Eyesight in One Month

How to improve Eyesight in One Month, Totkay for Eyesight

Improving eyesight naturally in a month is not rocket science and can be done with easily with natural remedies. You see, the body has a natural ability to heal itself and cure itself. In fact the body wants to heal, think of when you have a cut or bruise, your body’s natural mechanism kick in to repair itself. With that said, follow these Totkay to improve your vision in less than 30 days.

Perform 5 Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision (30 minutes, Every 2nd Day)

Perform 5 Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision
How to improve Eyesight in One Month, Totkay for Eyesight 8

Exercise for eyes to get rid of glasses

Human eye have six muscles. Exercising and stretching muscles strengthen them. Moreover, when we are staring at our mobile phones or watching the television for extended periods of time we are weakening those muscles as they fixated and not moving, thus not getting any sort of exercise.

Follow the 5 stretching exercises above every other day to improve your eyesight naturally in one month you will notice your seeing things a lot more clearly and your eyes are stronger and feel less strained.

Try Defocusing your Eyes (10 minutes, every 3 days)

4 min 5
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Defocusing Part 1

  • Hold your index finger at arms lengths away from your eye
  • Gain focus on your index finger.
  • Slowly move your finger towards your face, while maintaining focus.
  • Now look away at a distant object.
  • Now refocus on your finger and slowly bring it away from your face.
  • Repeat the above 2-3 times every 3 days.

Eat Healthy Food for Good Eyesight

Eat Healthy Food
How to improve Eyesight in One Month, Totkay for Eyesight 10

Just like exercising any muscle, you need to supplement with good nutrition to maximize the benefits.

Below are a list of Best Foods for Healthy Eyesight

  • Ajwa Dates – Has essential vitamins such as A, C, K, E, B2 and B6 to improve eye health.
  • Raw Honey – Raw Honey kills bacteria with a small drop in the eye, it also helps with any inflammation and irritation in the eye.
  • Carrots – They are rich in vitamin A, which supports the of the conjunctival membranes as well as the cornea.
  • Chili Peppers – They are high lutein, improved eye health.
  • Okra – Contains zeaxanthin and lutein which can be helpful in improving vision.
  • Red Onions – Has antioxidants, which helps against cataracts.
  • Spinach – Has iron and vitamin C to help protect against the sun.
  • Cabbage – Has vitamin C which helps the eyes.

Conclusion Improve Eyesight in One Month

The key to all of this is consistency, if you follow the above Totkay you will notice improvements to your eyesight in one Month. Your eyes will feel better and healthier.

Stay committed and consistent 🙂

Totkay is basically a word in Hindi and Urdu, which means natural home ready. In our culture Hakims (‘wise man, physician’) used to mix herbs together to create natural medicine to cure thier patients.

Many of this wisdom still exists, and I strive to collect it and share it here on this blog.